The Ultimate Mobile Apps for Multi-Level Marketing

Let’s see, where did we leave off?

Oh right, my last blog, Social Media for MLM/Network Marketing was geared towards those who are new to Multi-level Marketing , have just purchased their starter kit and are sharing their new business venture with  friends/family.  Fellow expert, Jason Lee, in his blog about Jedi Marketing agrees that Snapchat, Hootsuite & Periscope are great social apps which will help you in the industry of Multi-Level Marketing.    So, as the honeymoon phase begins to lose its luster, it’s time to find new leads.

Got Leads!?

At some point, no matter which MLM you choose, the true challenge will be to continue to gain new prospects and connect with cold leads to turn them into clients on your down line.  This is where mobile social apps can save the day!

How easy would it be to conduct a simple search and obtain a list of people that need your product?    I know, seems too good to be true, that there could be a tool like that in the app world, right?  Introducing NeedTagger , which uses filters and keywords to provide Twitter leads on those who would likely purchase your products.

Is that one of those “pyramid schemes”?! 

As you work through your new leads, you will hear this question and will need to have an answer prepared in advance.  My answer is, “YES & NO!…While it is true that most MLM’s have a pyramid or down line structure for you make money, this does not mean it is a scheme.”

I object!

There is a lot of chatter about MLMs, such as a battle of competitive products, ingredients, financial structure (pyramid) and how much they cost on a variety of social channels.  The best advice is to be on-top of varying opinions which is Must-have #7 “Keep Tabs on Business Reviews” from the Social Media Examiner.  At some point, you will be asked to myth bust about the product you are distributing, great sales people know the objectives and are prepared to overcome them at all times.  Once you start overcoming objections, there are mobile apps that can continue to help you monitor your progress and soar into financial freedom.

Mobile Apps for Myth Busting

One of the most integrated mobile apps to help you is MLM Master, a professional application that supports direct sales business (MLM).  Finally, tool motivates you to constantly improve financial results and active analysis of the statistics to achieve a real passive income.   Gone are the days of a spreadsheet to keep track of leads, prospects and clients.  This one is easy to use and you can use it on iOS and Android.
BL3 MLM Master

$how me the Money!

One of the benefits of an MLM is the notion of Financial Freedom and that can only come with an easy way to get money from your clients.  With Square Cash, you can receive money no matter where you are, because it is completely a mobile app (in fact, this is also how I pay my hairdresser).  This is different than Square which requires you to physically swipe a credit card into a unit that plugs into your phone.   BL3 SQ Cash


Does your MLM have an M-Site?

Lastly, become familiar with the capabilities of your MLM’s mobile site, for example, Mobile Isagenix which allows me to demo on the fly (at the gym, at the grocery store, at daycare, etc).  These tools can be the difference between divorcing your MLM and living happily ever-pyramid-after.

How do you use m-tools to advance you in the ranks of your MLM?   


Social Media for MLM/Network Marketing

The power of social media has dramatically changed life for Networking Marketers.  In the early days, the only way to showcase these businesses was by convincing a friend to host a party and hope that others would book from that show and so on, and so forth.  This is how I started and failed, in Network Marketing (Partylite) back in 1996.  Fast-forward to 2013, when I re-entered Network Marketing with Isagenix, added Young Living Essential Oils in 2016 and this year, I considered adding Direct Cellars (wine) and Motives (makeup).

After 2 decades and 3 Network Marketing gigs, I know first-hand it is easier to be a Network Marketer in 2017 than 1996.  The secret?  Social Media!  The various apps and platforms available are helpful for “marketing” your business and selling your products.  Long gone are the days of calling for party bookings and here are the days of click, swipe, follow, post and tweet.

When it comes to Multi-level Marketing (aka: MLM or Networking Marketing), most people fall into two categories:

  1. Those who are eager to learn new ways to use Social Media for their Network Marketing gig.
  2. Those who wish I didn’t give Network Marketers any new ideas on how to leverage social media to further generate interest and revenue.

If you are #1, continue on reading for tools that should be used by every beginning network marketer.  If you are #2, share this with those you know who are networking marketers.

The Phases of MLM

Social Media, while pivotal to your success, can be very overwhelming while you are learning about the intricacies of a MLM.  The first step is to harness the excitement you feel when purchasing your “starter-kit” and enjoy all your new products.  During this time, most eagerly post/tweet across all social channels which results in a sales, clients and referrals.  As time goes on your sales funnel will dry up, some friends will have unfollowed your posts (yeah, that happens and it’s ok) and your MLM looks like it is starting to fail.  Don’t give up!  Instead, give into considering how else you can market your products to continue to climb the ranks and grow your down line.

Social Stacey’s MLM Must Have’s

There is great advice in 45 Best Mobile Apps for Marketing, on how to maximize your time at your computer for your social media strategy.  There are also a few basic social sites (IMO) that any Network Marketer needs.  The added benefit is that many of you already have existing followers/friends on these platforms.

  • Twitter: @SocialStacey10 uses the techniques shared in The TAO of Twitter to maximize this platform.  Successful Tweeters effectively use their 140 characters headlines to influence their followers.  To guide in this creation, I use concepts taught to me on a seminar from The Brief Lab.  What’s your products headline?  What would compel me to purchase?
  • Facebook: To separate my MLM posts from my personal feed, I have two different Facebook accounts.  The Sky’s the Limit to your Health is purely for my two MLMs and is private for those who do not want before/after photos.  This separation also builds a community of like-minded people who are achieving the same goals and they in-turn become a unique support system.  My personal Facebook get condensed MLM posts about my MLMs.
  • Hootsuite: This is my go-to for managing all my social feeds. It makes it easy to draft, schedule and voila, multiple platforms have my posts/tweets simultaneously. What’s the saying.. “Work Smarter, Not Harder”, that is Hootsuite at its best!

Social Stacey’s Business-Based Suggestions

The key in choosing platforms is to match it to what you are selling and the best way to showcase these products. Here are a few examples of how to match your MLM to a platform:

  • Instagram is ideal for those who need to show photos of their products such as before/after photos from weight-loss with Isagenix or benefit charts for oils such as Young Living Essential Oils. Here are some of my Instagram posts:



  • Periscope is ideal for those who need to provide a video demonstration, such as Younique make-up options and palettes or how to use Norwex supplies for sparkling clean house.

This list merely scratches the surface for Network Marketers who are looking for apps and platforms for their business.  The key is that a Social Media strategy is necessary and reduces the time a Network Marketer spends on marketing, and more on enjoying the financial freedom benefit of a MLM.

Social Stacey wants to know, which Social Sites do you use for Network Marketing and why?  Comment and share your ideas…  


The War on Quick Photo Shares: Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat

By now, most social users have heard about, or are actively using Instagram Stories, Snapchat, or both.  There are many differing views on these apps, which is superior, preferred and which lead to the best business Return on Investment (ROI).   So, is the war on quick photo share apps like Instagram Stories and Snapchat from the perspective, the use, the businesses that use them, or the actual apps?  The only way to determine the winner is to break it down by each perspective.

User’s Perspective

BL1 Insta

Instagram’s newly added Instagram Stories allows you share as much as you want throughout the day. The benefit is that these photos and videos will disappear after 24 hours and won’t appear on your profile grid or in feed.  You’ll see stories from people you follow in a bar at the top of your feed indicated by a colorful ring around their profile photo.  To view someone’s story, you simply tap on their profile photo, at your own pace.

BL 1 Snap    BL1 Casper

Snapchat, the famous little white ghost is not to be confused with Capser, the Friendly Ghost.  In fact, Snapchat typically brings fear and worry to parents due to the fact that this app allows users to capture videos and pictures that self-destruct between 1 and 10 seconds.  While Snapchat has a “story” feature, my 13 yr old tells me it is not cool to use this feature and “no one uses it”.  Snapchat gets a bad rap by parents who feel they have less control and visibility into their kid’s photos and what content they are sharing with each other.

Business’s Perspective

How exactly is a business to choose between Instagram Stories & Snapchat?  The answer lies in their target audience.

Once businesses identify and plan how they will attract consumers and illicit reactions (aka: groundswell), they can then choose between Instagram Stories and Snapchat.  Li & Bernoff share a 4-step planning process to build this groundswell; People, Objectives, Strategy and Technology.  This process, along with their work on Social Technographic Profiles, can assist businesses in determining which of these platforms wins the war (and media budget).

The Social Technographic Profile indicates that over 50% of Alpha Moms are consumers when interacting socially and they tend to prefer consumer content greater than online adult consumers in the USA.  If your business is Networking Marketing (Isagenix, Young Living Essential Oils, etc) then your vote would be Instagram Stories as there is a larger portion of these companies targeting the Alpha-Mom.  This is because the app allows for these Mom’s to be spectators (watch videos, read ratings, read reviews) which is their preference of social interaction.

The Social Technographic Profile also indicates that Young Adults (18-27) are more likely to be Joiners who maintains and visit social sites such as Snapchat.   Gotter shares that 37% of Snapchat users fall in the 8-24 year old category, with 71% of its users being under the age of 25.  So, if your business target is under age 25, Snapchat could win your vote as a social advertising platform.

App’s Perspective

According to Page, Facebook paid an astounding $1 billion in 2012 to acquire Instagram. The Instagram acquisition let investors know that Facebook understood where the market was headed and was prepared to pay money to stay relevant to its clientele.

Facebook making the purchase of Instagram was key in the on-going battle again Snapchat.  Dunn captures the rocketing daily users of Instagram Stories to outshine Snapchat.

BL1 graph

On the other hand, Snapchat’s financial performance, according to Greenwood is considered substandard.  Apart from the criticism, Snapchat has 158 million users daily create 2.5 billion of its temporary photos and videos. Wall Street investment expert are opining that Snap started 2017 marvelously and it is really going public fast.

An estimated 200 million monthly active users send 700 million photos or videos each day, with approximately 500 million views per day (this study is different than Snapchat’s which said there are 8+ billion video views a day). Gotter also highlights a few key stats on Snapchat such as 100 million daily active users, reaches 11% of the US’s entire digital population and Snapchat has more users than Twitter.

Who do you think is the winner of the war? Leave a comment on which platform earns your vote and why!  




First blog post

For some time now, I have wanted to start a blog and just did not know where to begin.  Then, I started taking Master’s Classes for an M.S. in Social Media Marketing, at SNHU and dedicated my free-time to classwork.  In my 4th class, “Social Media Marketing”, our course project is to create a blog (bucket list, check)!

While my first few blogs will be about Social Media Marketing, I do intend to evolve my blog posts to life as a Wife, Mom, Bonus-Mom, Student & Employee.  My hope is to inspire other busy parents to find the balance to accomplish all the items on their bucket lists.