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Differentiation – The Facebook War of Chevy vs. Ford

Social Media has changed the way many industries market to consumers and the automotive industry is no stranger to utilizing this medium.  So, who uses it best? And, what exactly does “best” mean in terms of a Social Media Strategy?  Join me in a Facebook Face-Off of Chevy vs. Ford. The last attempt at comparing… Continue reading Differentiation – The Facebook War of Chevy vs. Ford

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Mobile Users Surpass Tooth Brushers

Recent Statistics indicate that 85% of Mobile Users access the internet from their device at least once a day and 71% have also downloaded Apps and Programs.  While I am sure we all can agree with that, does it come surprise that people have more cellphones than toothbrushes?  Yes, you read that correct, here’s the… Continue reading Mobile Users Surpass Tooth Brushers

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A Beginners’ Guide to Remarketing

What is Remarketing? Remarketing is a form of online advertising to re-target ads to users who have already visited a website (desktop or mobile).  These ads will appear when consumers browse the web; watch YouTube videos and/or reading news sites after they have interacted with the brand.  The benefit of retargeting is to keep a brand… Continue reading A Beginners’ Guide to Remarketing

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Surviving Analytical Stalking

Have you ever felt stalked by the internet with ads that know what you just searched?  Or wonder how does Google know that I am here?  If you have felt this way, you may have been a victim of online Retargeting, Targeted Ads or Location Based Marketing.  Keep reading for more information about surviving these… Continue reading Surviving Analytical Stalking

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I Market, You Market, We All Market… I-Scream!?

The Inside Scoop Unless you are a distributor for a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) brand, it is easy to get annoyed with daily posts from friends to check out their new lip gloss, clean with superior products, lose weight quick and easy, relax with oils, etc.  These MLM brands (via, your Facebook friends) are blowing up… Continue reading I Market, You Market, We All Market… I-Scream!?