No Nonsense Guide to Small Biz Social Media

Title: No Nonsense Guide to Small Biz Social Media In an era of “Shop Local”, more and more consumers are looking to support smaller businesses.  In return, small businesses must effectively market themselves and ensure marketing strategies do not get stale.  Not sure where to start, then this No-Nonsense Guide to Small Biz Social Media… Continue reading No Nonsense Guide to Small Biz Social Media


The End of the Pursuit

As I neared the end of my Master's I started capturing the raw emotion... so here it is for you reading pleasure. 🙂 9/15/18 – Pass/Fail Those words are paralyzing my brain causing unnecessary feelings of doubt, pressure, panic, insurmountable obstacles and every other self-depreciating thought as I finish out my Master’s Degree.  I feel… Continue reading The End of the Pursuit

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The York’s Nickelodeon Adventure

Why & How You Should Vacation at the  Nickelodeon Resort in Punta Cana, Dom. Rep. This blog is purely a representation of our experiences and is no way related to any official website for the Nickelodeon Resort.  (Just felt I had to disclaim that this is just my perspective.)  Overall, we highly recommend this property and… Continue reading The York’s Nickelodeon Adventure