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Mobile Users Surpass Tooth Brushers

Recent Statistics indicate that 85% of Mobile Users access the internet from their device at least once a day and 71% have also downloaded Apps and Programs.  While I am sure we all can agree with that, does it come surprise that people have more cellphones than toothbrushes?  Yes, you read that correct, here’s the math:

  • There are 6.8 billion people on the planet
  • 1 billion of them own a cell phone
  • 2 billion own a toothbrush

While I am sure this statistic will continue to perplex us, the truth is that in order for a business to soar, they need to tap into the mobile site-o-sphere.  There is a caveat; the mobile site must be optimized and user-friendly.  Otherwise, consumers may seek a competitor’s mobile site and that means lost revenue for your business.

Mobile Site Example

There are many examples when it comes to finding the best mobile designs, most of which earn this title based on user experiences and interfaces.  One of the best examples is Shutterfly, a site for photography enthusiasts, which allows prints to come to life in a variety of forms.  Shutterfly has made their mobile site intuitive, easy to navigate and easy use.  Many businesses can learn from this mobile platform as they start or improve their own mobile site designs.

Shutterfly’s Mobile Site Features:

  • View Shutterfly Albums (which can also be access via desktop)
  • The ability to upload Photos from the Device, Instagram and Facebook (to them print/order)
  • Instant Ability to Create, Preview and Order Prints
  • An easy interface to Order Gifts (ie: Cards, Home Décor, Phone Cases)
  • Compatible with both iOS & Android

Mobile Site Design

Thankfully, there are standards when it comes to mobile site “must haves”, all geared to enhance the user-experience.  These features can help a mobile site become more user-friendly such as the experience with Shutterfly:

  • Responsive design which easily transfers the site to any mobile platform.
  • Easy to Read and Navigate, especially because text is smaller on mobile than desktop.
  • Optimized (or few) Multimedia
  • Scrolling content so a user doesn’t have to click off of the primary page
  • Location-based content to appeal more to the user
  • Contact Information that is easy to find.
  • Social integration (sharing, accessing photos, etc.)
  • Compatibility on Android, iOS as well as Mobile vs. Tablet optimization

When using a mobile site, what are your user-interface must-haves?

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