Confessions of a New Blogger

I have a secret…and I want you to share it?

I love blogging. 🙂

Prior to taking a Social Media Class, I always wanted to blog to “get my opinion down on paper”.  Now, 10 weeks later, what I love about my blog is being able to layer my experience with knowledge and research for my readers.  I also have a secret desire to be the reason there is positive Groundswell (you know, when people virally share/post/tweet your content and then it picks up so much speed and chatter that you appear on Ellen) ?!

Over the past few weeks, I have provided best practices on Social Media Applications as well as Risks and Rewards for the Multi-level Marketing (MLM) industry.  This industry is dominating my social feeds (probably yours too) and I have been collecting secrets and strategies to share with all of you.

B is for BLOG-inner

As a beginner blogger (#Bloginner), I learned that blogging doesn’t happen overnight, it happens after hours of research, numerous books and under the guidance of a great professor (shout out to @DrJRogers).  Here are some best practices as you start, or refine, your MLM blog:

  • Groundswell is a perfect resource to understand where you audience is, how they want to interact socially and how to navigate through social chatter to expand your business. In the MLM industry, most of the groundswell is competitive-slamming (ingredients, quality & pyramid structure).  The best practice is to “listen” for opportunities to sell your products and then, share this in a blog.

As an example, I posted on my Facebook a photo of my daughter making her own cleaning device to dust our blinds. Moments later, my friend, who sells cleaning supplies shared a photo of her products that I should buy my daughter.  Producing a blog about home-made cleaning frustrations could be a great avenue for my friend to show/tell how her products can make cleaning stress-free.


  • Another great resource is Pinterest as you can easily search for secrets to good blogging.  Yes, it’s true, I get blogging inspiration when finding a new recipe to cook and an new outfit to wear.   Take it for a spin, search “beginning bloggers” and voila, a plethora of pins will fill your screen. While you are there, you can add pins about your MLM products with a link back to your MLM website (2 birds with 1 stone).

Extra! Extra! Tweet All About it

  • For over a decade, Twitter has graced our social feeds with 140-character tweets.  The benefit is that they are short and concise; the challenge is that they are short and concise.  This means that the MLM Tweeter must be crafty in the content and use Twitter for all its glory.  To help understand this platform, The TAO of Twitter is an excellent read, especially when it comes to understanding #hashtags, life of a tweet (2-3 hours) and how to increase followers who are more likely to  want to buy your MLM products.
  • Once you start blogging and tweeting about your MLM, it is time to explore a post scheduler such as Hootsuite . This platform connects multiple social platforms and will send posts to them whenever you want (based when you choose a schedule).  It is a great compliment to a social strategy and takes the monotony out of having to copy/paste in all your social accounts.

These best practices merely scratch the surface of all there is to grow your MLM through blogging and tweeting. 

Tell me, what is your MLM secret blogging confession?