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I Market, You Market, We All Market… I-Scream!?

The Inside Scoop

Unless you are a distributor for a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) brand, it is easy to get annoyed with daily posts from friends to check out their new lip gloss, clean with superior products, lose weight quick and easy, relax with oils, etc.  These MLM brands (via, your Facebook friends) are blowing up our social media feeds because…


Social Media is necessary for them to become Millionaires


A Risky Marketer is Born

MLMs have been coined “The Business Model of the Future” due to the fact that shareholders are the non-salaried distributors and as the company succeeds and rises, so do its distributors .  MLMs are a unique blend where both company headquarters and employees (distributors) want to succeed.

If you are lucky, your “sponsor” will show you the ropes, add you to a few supports pages and voila, your MLM training is complete and you are now officially a Marketer (regardless if you know how to effective market your brand) and on your way to making Millions!

“Multi-level marketing, MLM or network marketing, companies have produced more millionaires and six figure incomes than any other business model on the planet hands down.”

-Scott Hallock

 Where there’s Risk, there is Reward

The challenges for MLM companies, driving their brands socially push the industry in a positive direction and conversely, this also means the challenge of coping with internet technology. Here are some considerations for headquarters and distributors alike:

  • There is both positive and negative social power created across social platforms (ie: Facebook, Twitter).
  • It is imperative for headquarters to balance a balance between enabling their consultants the ability to be creative and protecting the brand.
  • Everyone is responsible to protect against (and not make) inappropriate medial/earnings claims.
  • Distributors should use tools for distributors such as IsaTools for Isagenix
  • Distributors should be respectful if they jump ship and bounce to another company.
  • Friends should never take offense if they are un-followed, blocked or their friends leave a group conversation about their MLM.

The Cherry on Top

As a great example of how to harness social media, is Facebook Event I received for a “Spring Shopping Extravaganza”.  This is where a few different vendors (most of which work for MLMs) will showcase (aka: market) their products at my friend’s house.

Consider this for a moment, this means that multiple brands co-market on a social platform (ie: Facebook) to drive revenue (and down-lines) at no cost to their MLM’s headquarter’s marketing budget.   Furthermore, it is brilliant for these vendors to work together and merge their efforts into one night of product demonstration.

What are your best practices for social engagement as an MLM Distributor?

8 thoughts on “I Market, You Market, We All Market… I-Scream!?”

  1. Hi Stacey,

    I now want ice cream after reading this! I had no idea that “Multi-level marketing, MLM or network marketing, companies have produced more millionaires and six figure incomes than any other business model on the planet hands down.” The inclusion of that quote is great!

    Great work on this post.


  2. Stacey,
    At times I am annoyed by MLM on my Facebook feed. It feels like my friends are taking advantage of me. There is one in particular that pushes information daily…AHHHHH! I have a friend selling LuLaRoe and she seems to have hit the sweet spot with frequency on her friends’ walls, however, Facebook must have some controls regarding MLM on their platform because she was annoyed that she was blocked for a time while her account was under review.
    Your information on the topic is interesting and you make it fun to read. By the way, I have tried all of the brands in your photo example except Monarch…not even sure what that is.


  3. Interesting blog Stacey – I can imagine that SM is a gold-mine for this type of marketing. This platform gives MLM the ability to speak to thousands easily and quickly, no doubt with the hopes that each person will share the message with their friends.


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