Future Implications

Look into my crystal ball… and see the wonders to unfold in the future of Social Media.  Ok, so it is hard to truly predict the future of social media though there are a few insights we can gain from where we’ve been and what the future may hold.

I have been in the field of telecommunications for over two decades which means I have seen a lot of advancement in technology and how it brings people together as we adapt to the technology.  I remember when wireless (cellular) technology converted from Analog  to TMDA, CDMA & GSM and then 3G, 4G/ LTE  and now VOLTE  with all of these changes has come new ways for human to connect which in turn, changed how we interact with each other on a daily basis.

I vividly remember a video from 2001-ish (that we watched on a VCR so I cannot locate it on YouTube) “predicting” that we could play video games against each other on our phones.  At the time, I looked at my sleek Nokia  “candy bar” phone that allowed me to talk and text and was in disbelief that any of that would happen in my lifetime.  Fast Forward to 2017, and my Samsung device has the capabilities of transferring money through Cash App , playing Words with Friends, sending videos as well as access to a variety of social pages.

So, what does the past mean for the future of Social Media Marketing?

A recent article in Entrepreneur should capture the attention of brands as they look to stay ahead of upcoming trends and advancement in social media marketing.

  • Diversity of Posts – As technology evolves, so will the thirst of social users to have new ways to share their lives on the social sphere. While users currently use pictures, videos and text and layer in audio, the future will have more integration, and likely a higher emphasis on audio components.  Brands will need to explore how to tap into the ability to provide sharable content which includes integrated and live engagement with their brand.
  • Paying for Peace & Increased Privacy– As brands continue to use social platforms to target consumers, conversely consumers will begin to pay to escape these advertisements. This is similar to the shift in TV and Radio with the ability to DVR shows and uses commercial-free music streaming.  Brands will need to focus on compelling content that keeps a consumer’s attention and is not seen as an advertisement.
  • Videos – Live content is on the rise with Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, Periscope and this will continue to be on the rise as social moves forward. The challenge for brands will be engaging consumers to watch their entire video content and not just the first few seconds. This means front-loading them with compelling content that draws them in to watch the full video.

As we look to create the future of Social Media which comes first, change in technology or change in human behavior?

I think they are interrelate and interdependent.  Human Behavior (the need to share, connect and build relationships) drives advancements in technology (new social platforms and currently unimaginable apps).  Conversely, advancement in technology molds human behavior as consumers adapt to the tools available to interact socially.

What do you see in the crystal ball for Social Media?

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Differentiation – The Facebook War of Chevy vs. Ford

Social Media has changed the way many industries market to consumers and the automotive industry is no stranger to utilizing this medium.  So, who uses it best? And, what exactly does “best” mean in terms of a Social Media Strategy?  Join me in a Facebook Face-Off of Chevy vs. Ford.

The last attempt at comparing these automakers and their Social Strategy was in 2014.  At the time of that Face-Off Ford won overall based on Mentions and Conversation Mapping though Chevy did rank higher Social Sentiment.  How do these automakers stack up in the Social Swirl in 2017? Let’s find out…

Chevy – Find New Roads

This year started off with a bang as Chevrolet (GM) became the first automaker to use Facebook Live to showcase their new vehicles.  Imagine an up-close and personal video of the new automotive from the comfort of your home.  This is a great example of keeping up with the advanced in social media while leveraging a platform that is already being used and has 19 Million Followers on the Main Chevrolet Facebook Page.

Chevy – Their Social Strategy

GM’s Social Strategy in 2017 was to promoting its electric vehicle to a carefully selected audience through an integrated campaign. Its print ads in science and technology publications delivered part of that message to some of that audience. Its billboards helped it to reach another audience segment. Facebook Live expanded the audience further. It provided more information in a 25-minute segment than any commercial could have done, and it engaged its core audience deeply enough to generate over 800 comments. A full list of Chevrolet (and GM’s) social pages can be found here.

Ford – Go Further

In contrast, Ford has not been touted for emerging social trends to showcase its breadth of vehicles.    Main Ford Facebook Page has only 8 Million which is less than half that of its nemesis Chevy.  There have been no earth-shattering uses of Facebook much like Facebook Live though that doesn’t mean they are not finding ways to educate through this medium.

Ford – Their Social Strategy

In a 2014 Review their Facebook strategy they were engaging with consumers by asking for photos of the worst pot holes.  This then opens up dialogue to educate consumers on what to do when you’ve hit one and how to “fight back”.  This is a great way to evoke two-way engagement though their current efforts seem to be less interactive and more 1-way videos that do not inspire engagement.  Other Ford social campaigns (outside of Facebook) can be found here.

From a Facebook, it appears that Chevy is agile and forward-thinking.  I am curious; does their Facebook Live post increase your consideration to go buy a Chevy?  Why or Why Not?


The Ultimate Mobile Apps for Multi-Level Marketing

Let’s see, where did we leave off?

Oh right, my last blog, Social Media for MLM/Network Marketing was geared towards those who are new to Multi-level Marketing , have just purchased their starter kit and are sharing their new business venture with  friends/family.  Fellow expert, Jason Lee, in his blog about Jedi Marketing agrees that Snapchat, Hootsuite & Periscope are great social apps which will help you in the industry of Multi-Level Marketing.    So, as the honeymoon phase begins to lose its luster, it’s time to find new leads.

Got Leads!?

At some point, no matter which MLM you choose, the true challenge will be to continue to gain new prospects and connect with cold leads to turn them into clients on your down line.  This is where mobile social apps can save the day!

How easy would it be to conduct a simple search and obtain a list of people that need your product?    I know, seems too good to be true, that there could be a tool like that in the app world, right?  Introducing NeedTagger , which uses filters and keywords to provide Twitter leads on those who would likely purchase your products.

Is that one of those “pyramid schemes”?! 

As you work through your new leads, you will hear this question and will need to have an answer prepared in advance.  My answer is, “YES & NO!…While it is true that most MLM’s have a pyramid or down line structure for you make money, this does not mean it is a scheme.”

I object!

There is a lot of chatter about MLMs, such as a battle of competitive products, ingredients, financial structure (pyramid) and how much they cost on a variety of social channels.  The best advice is to be on-top of varying opinions which is Must-have #7 “Keep Tabs on Business Reviews” from the Social Media Examiner.  At some point, you will be asked to myth bust about the product you are distributing, great sales people know the objectives and are prepared to overcome them at all times.  Once you start overcoming objections, there are mobile apps that can continue to help you monitor your progress and soar into financial freedom.

Mobile Apps for Myth Busting

One of the most integrated mobile apps to help you is MLM Master, a professional application that supports direct sales business (MLM).  Finally, tool motivates you to constantly improve financial results and active analysis of the statistics to achieve a real passive income.   Gone are the days of a spreadsheet to keep track of leads, prospects and clients.  This one is easy to use and you can use it on iOS and Android.
BL3 MLM Master

$how me the Money!

One of the benefits of an MLM is the notion of Financial Freedom and that can only come with an easy way to get money from your clients.  With Square Cash, you can receive money no matter where you are, because it is completely a mobile app (in fact, this is also how I pay my hairdresser).  This is different than Square which requires you to physically swipe a credit card into a unit that plugs into your phone.   BL3 SQ Cash


Does your MLM have an M-Site?

Lastly, become familiar with the capabilities of your MLM’s mobile site, for example, Mobile Isagenix which allows me to demo on the fly (at the gym, at the grocery store, at daycare, etc).  These tools can be the difference between divorcing your MLM and living happily ever-pyramid-after.

How do you use m-tools to advance you in the ranks of your MLM?